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Top 5’s to banish the ‘Blues’… or is it fiction?

The third Monday of a New Year, is known as ‘Blue Monday’. I must admit, this past week I have really lost my mojo, I have been blown over and soaked on my runs, I have a niggling injury and the holidays feel forever ago. However, in 2022, the BBC reported that it was potentially ‘a load of rubbish’ and argued that by giving the day a label, it made people thinking more negatively that they would have. I must admit that writing this blog post has perked me up, so I hope you enjoy reading!

To provide some positive vibes as we start the New Year, I have revived 5 top news stories from 2022, compiled a list of 5 winter and 5 spring local events to book onto in the coming months and shared our top 5 ‘motivational quotes’ for running!

2022 News Roundup

London Marathon never ceases to amaze

Photograph credit: Kirsty O’Connor, PA Wire.

World Records were broken in the 2022 TCS London Marathon, by amateurs and professionals alike. Fancy Dress records included fastest witch, scientist, six-person fruit box costume and standard (non racing) wheelchair, while Yalemzerf Yehualaw won the women’s elite race despite falling at mile 20. She carried on, breaking the record for the fastest mile in a marathon (4mins 43s) at mile 24, before winning with a time of in 2.17.26 .

Running together for a better planet

Photo: Runners handing over the baton at Kintbury Stores (Image source NWN).

Ramsbury, Kintbury and Newbury participated in the “Running out of time” world relay. A 7,767km route through 18 countries to raise awareness of Climate Change, with our local legs completed by runners covering approximately 10k each. Watch the video summarising the full event here bringing together people from all across the world.

Parkrun bounces back to near pre-pandemic attendance

Hungerford Hares at Grove Fields 2022 Christmas Eve Parkrun

Parkrun is for everyone, demonstrated by the launch of the ParkWalk initiative in October and Female worldwide Parkrun record smashed twice in December 2022 along with a reinvigorated attendance record for most events. If you fancy a perusal, Parkrun has a fantastic blog, so check out the News section of Parkrun’s website for more inspiration.

Need some inspiration to set yourself a charity challenge?

Gary McKee – Image Source A. Commins, Daily Mirror.

In 2022, this 53-year-old from Cumbria has gone through 22 pairs of trainers and has run 9563 miles in rain, snow and sunshine as he completes 365 marathons in 365 days raising £1m for Macmillan. So when you are training for your next long race, think of channelling his discipline, commitment and dedication – what a feat!

New Year, new you?

2022 Hares Beginners

As cheesy “New Year, new you” sounds, running has been proven to have physical and mental health benefits and in 2022 860,000 people logged a combined total of over 6 million runs using the free NHS Couch to 5k app! So if you are thinking of trying it out, you are far from alone.
Watch out for more information on the Hare’s Facebook page about our 2023 Beginners Programme!

Local Events

5 to get through Winter:

• 22nd January – Winchester Trail 14.5k/21k
• 5th Feb – The Lungbuster (Swindon) 9 miles
• 19th Feb – Winchester 10k
• 26th Feb – The Bowerhill Bomber (Melksham) 5k/10k
• 26th Feb – The Terminator (Pewsey) – 10 mile trail

5 to aim for in Spring:

• 18th March – New Forest 21k/14k/10k
• 2nd April – Reading Half Marathon
• 10th April – Mortimer (Reading) 10k trail & CaniX
• 29th April – Chieveley Chase 10k / Hurstbourne Tarrant 5 mile
• 29th May – Newbury 10k

Top 5 motivational running quotes to energise you in 2023

In at #1, this has got to be a firm favourite, and it is so true. Whether you are a keen bean or first timer, when you drag yourself out for that difficult run, it is a rewarding mantra:

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

#2 is all about the journey… which can be easy to forget when your focus is the goal…

“It’s not about the finish line, it is about enjoying the process of getting there.”

#3 Running is as much about mental strength as physical:

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

#4 Do things for you, not others. Stay curious and explore:

“Climb mountains, not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”

And finally #5, we all wish things happened a little faster… but remember…

“Good things take time, great things take a little longer and the fruit is even sweeter to taste at the end.”

I hope this blog post has got you looking forward to 2023. However, if you are finding positivity a bit tough right now, that is ok too.

At the Hungerford Hares we have several qualified Mental Health First Aiders that you can speak to, additionally, there are some further links that you may find helpful.

Wishing you an awesome 2023 and see you at the Club soon!


Helpful links:

Mental Health Foundation Tips Guide
Mind: support and information
The Samaritans, always on hand to listen, whenever you need to call, 24/7/365.
For those who like to understand the science: 2022 CoachMag article on Running and Mental Health