Hungerford Hares Strava Segment Challenge

Strava is a running app that many runners use on our phones during or after a run.

Strava segments are shortish routes, typically a mile or so, that have been pre-defined by anyone on public roads, routes and trails. You can look for them in your local area by accessing Strava on your phone or PC, selecting the Explore option and selecting the Segment Explore option. If you zoom in to the map, you see the ones closest to you.

If you run along an existing segment, Strava automatically records your time, distance and pace for that segment and puts it on a variety of leaderboards: All-time, This Week, This Year, and compares it with people you’re following, people in clubs you’re in, and so on.

During the COVID-19 lockdown we introduced a Strava segments competition as a way of motivating ourselves.

If you record a personal best (PB) for a segment – Strava calls it a Personal Record (PR) – your activity will be flagged with a little medal icon (bronze, silver, gold) for your personal achievement and also a little cup icon if you are speedy enough to appear in the top 10 entries of the overall leaderboard. If you are super-speedy – and/or run a segment that no-one else knows about – you get a coveted crown icon as holder of the CR (Course Record).

Our competition runs from Friday 1st May – Sunday 31st May 2020. For every personal achievement you gain during this time, you get points as follows:

  • Bronze 1 point
  • Silver 2 points
  • Gold 3 points

If your segment activity gets you a place on the overall leaderboard, you get points as follows:

  • Course Record 5 points
  • Any leaderboard place (2 – 10) 3 points

These are not in addition to any personal achievement.

You can run segments that you may have previously created yourself, but not any segments you create on or after 1st May.

To register for this competition, please click on the button below. You’ll then be asked to provide the email address you use with Strava. This allows the application to view your Strava statistics, just as your followers do. No other information is gathered.

Thanks – Simon, Moshe, Thomas.