Our regular training session is on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm. We usually meet at the Triangle Field (Hungerford Rugby Club), just past the John O Gaunt school (Priory Road) on the left hand side. There is adequate parking and toilet facilities.

We organise a range of sessions, including on-road and off-road running, intervals, hills and ‘tempo’ runs. For these we generally run out between 4 and 7 miles, in the summer this is mostly cross-country and in the winter on quiet country roads. Everyone runs at different paces and we re-group regularly to make sure no one is left behind!
Our interval sessions involve repetitions of shorter distances, either around the roads or around the rugby pitches; our hills involve local gradients in the town or on our wonderful nearby Hungerford Common. All of these help to develop strength, stamina and general fitness.

Sessions are run by our Run Leaders, who plan the activities derived from our Winter and Summer Programmes.
They are particularly keen to ensure that sessions are inclusive, and try to adapt activities to suit each group 

We are also very keen on our warm-ups and cool-downs before and after our sessions! Warm-ups get our bodies ready for excercise; cool-downs help to stretch our muscles back to their normal state. In this way we aim to avoid injuries.

We are a very social crowd who quite often visit local pubs, such as The Borough Arms or The Down Gate, or the the rugby clubhouse, for some thirst-quenching drinks after our session. 

If you wish to look at our Run Leaders’ session plans in more detail, click here