Bluebell Run

Grey clouds and strong winds didn’t put off some hardy hares on our annual bluebell run on Tuesday evening. Expertly warmed up by June we headed out across the triangle field under the guidance of Mandy in search of the sometimes “elusive” bells of blue!

After climbing the opportunity, also known as Dark Lane or hill, to Brian. We trotted off left along Denford Lane and towards Heath Hanger Copse, where we weren’t to be disappointed with the carpet of blue that lay before us. Pictures were taken as we stood to admire one of nature’s annual wonders.

Great banter and amuse was shared by all as we continued down the path to join the Radley bottom road. Rich Parry’s keen sense of smell caught the whiff of a pint on the wind, as we turn right and ran towards the Tadley Ho pub. It was to be short lived, as the evil Esther found another opportunity to climb, and we turned and headed back towards Hungerford and away from the oh so tempting pint of Berkshire’s finest, Good old boy!

With a zig and a zag we eventually came out on the A338 and continued up the high street and onto the finish. A gentle warm down of which Rich P reckons should taken place in a pub, (I am kinda with him but there’s a theme running here Rich), and not the schools front porch , we all retired to our homes as contented runners.

Thanks to all that came, and made it a fun and always enjoyable event on our calendar of club runs. Well dones’ go to Jackie Tarr for going the full distance, & to Bob who clocked up an impressive 13miles, the furthest he has run for a wee while.