Route 2

Route 2 – Winter

Go right out of the rugby club along Priory Road then left onto the Salisbury Road up the hill and right onto Church Way. Follow Church Way down to Smithan Bridge Road then cut down to The Croft and run through to the High street. Turn left at the High street and run over the bridge to the mini roundabout then right towards the Total garage, then up the A338( Eddington Hill) and left into Upper Eddington Road. Go along to crossroads then continue straight up to New Hayward Farm. Turn left through New Hayward Farm then left at end of road down to Leverton. At Leverton take a left up the hill back to the crossroads then a right back along Upper Eddington road to the A338. At the A338 turn left back down to the Total garage and head back towards the town. There is the option to add a loop round Charnham Park.

Route 2 – Summer

LITTLECOTE – right out of tri field-left at end of Priory Road-right into Church Way-follow road to the Church-left at the tow path-run to the 2nd lock-continue you to bridge with the steps-at road turn left- over the A4 into wooded footpath on the right-follow field/footpaths through wood’s-when you meet the road turn right-then right by the thatched house-run up the steep hill then down to the A4-cross the A4 to Eric & Ernie on the Marsh-turn left to whirly pool.  When we get to the Church we can either run up through the high street or Church Way back to the triangle field.