A good group of Hares met at the Crown and Anchor in Ham for the first ever Away Run from there, organised by Dave Wright. It proved to be a great success, in spite of darkening skies by the time the run finished, for well-earned snacks in the bar of the pub. Thanks to Dave for his efforts!

Hares out on the downs near the Crown and Anchor

Andy organised a great cross-country run last weekend, based at The Crown and Garter, Inkpen. The route led out east and south to skirt the downs along from Combe Gibbet. One Hare did about 5 miles, two did about 7, and two did more like a half marathon by all accounts!

Hilary, Andy, Claudia and Simon on top of a hill

Timed Run

2.5 Timed Run results for the 2nd of July 2019 , the point of this timed run is to be as close as possible to your estimated time.

Location: Hungerford Common

RunnerEstimate 1Run 1Estimate 2Run 2.  Difference lag 1/estiamte1Difference lag2 estiamte1Difference lag2 estiamte1
Mandy12:5612:38  00:1812:56 
Lauren14:0014:24  00:2414:00 
Moshe12:4511:26 11:5401:1900:51 
Andrew14:3014:24 14:2000:0600:10 
Jackie14:2013:55 14:4800:2500:28 
Della16:0015:49  00:1116:00 
Cat14:00  14:18 00:18 
Hilary15:0016:13  01:1315:00 
Thomas14:0013:29 13:5500:3100:05 

OUR HAREY 8 RACE WAS A WONDERFUL EVENT! See the results on the Harey 8 page above. Mike’s great photos of the event are now available to view HERE AND HERE!

                         Not far to go! Really?                                                    Still not far to go!     (Pictures by Esther)

…and our own ‘Harey 8’ Race was a great success! See the full results on the Harey 8 page under 2019 Results! If you came to the event, many thanks for contributing to the day: we couldn’t have done it without you all. See you next year.



One of our recent Beginners ran her first Park Run at Newbury on Saturday! Fantastic achievement, Shilpa.

WELL DONE THE BEGINNERS (now ‘Intermediates!)
Three of our Beginners were awarded their end-of-course medals at the Run Away on Tuesday at the White Hart in Hampstead Marshal.

Shilpa, Mel and Della with their medals

We’re looking forward to seeing them continuing their running now they’ve had such a positive start. Our other Beginners will hopefully claim their medals next week.

110 miles in 24 hours! What a feat, Andy!

Andy receiving his award

Andy was second in the solo male category in this year’s ‘Endure 24’ event held last weekend: an amazing achievement.

Thanks, Mara!

Spot Mara doing the whole body stretch after the session!      Mara chatting afterwards in the Rugby Club

Here’s what Mara said after she got home: “Heartfelt thanks to the Hungerford Hares who gave me such a warm welcome last week. I really enjoyed training with them on a beautiful summer’s evening, and it was terrific to meet and chat about all things running with individual members afterwards. I’m looking forward to returning to Hungerford on 23rd June for the Harey 8.” 

Meet the Beginners Group! Now about to complete their course by running 5k. Join us as we celebrate their achievement.

Beginners’ Group on the Common! 

Timed Run

2.5 Timed Run results for the 21th of May 2019, the point of this timed run is to be as close as possible to your estimated time.

NameDistanceEstimated TimeLeg 1Difference Leg 1Leg 2Difference Leg 2Total Difference
Sid Waldon2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:11:0000:10:3700:00:23  00:00:23
Jackie Gibbard2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:14:0000:13:5400:00:0600:13:4200:00:1800:00:24
Moshe Blumberg2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:11:3000:11:1200:00:1800:11:2400:00:0600:00:24
Arthur Thatcher2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:11:0000:10:3500:00:25  00:00:25
Will Waldon2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:11:0000:10:3400:00:26  00:00:26
Thomas Rivers2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:14:0000:13:5300:00:0700:13:2500:00:3500:00:42
Andrew Cookson2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:12:3000:11:4600:00:4400:12:1000:00:2000:01:04
Catriona Turnbull2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:15:0000:14:0000:01:0000:13:5500:01:0500:02:05
Flynn Waldon2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:15:0000:12:5200:02:08  00:02:08
Mandy Waldon2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:13:0000:13:17-0:00:17  -0:00:17
Kerri Thomas2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:13:0000:13:56-0:00:5600:13:15-0:00:15-0:01:11
Craig Beamson2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:13:0000:13:53-0:00:5300:13:32-0:00:32-0:01:25
George Thatcher2.5 km / 1.55 miles00:12:0000:13:40-0:01:40  -0:01:40

This Table can be viewed here as well.

Hares among the Bluebells – what a combination!
Mandy led us on our customary run on 30th April.

Andy’s London Marathon Report! READ ALL ABOUT IT FROM ANDY HIMSELF!
Turn to the London Marathon 2019 page and read Andy’d vivid race account.

                                          Andy receiving congratulations from Sir Richard Branson

Ta-daaa! The Summer Programme is now up and running: see under ‘Training’. 
You’ll see that there are some gaps in info, but these will be filled in asap.

Here’s an extract from a recent article in the i Paper: interesting!!

Sunday Service 7th April
Rich threw his hat into the ring today, and tempted 7 other Hares out along the canal and back via the Harey 8 route.Nearly more dogs than Hares!

Who took the photo? And where are we?

Oh What a beautiful morning to “Spring Forward”!
The ‘Sunday Service’ took a route out along the canal and across the marsh and fields to Froxfield and back. Jackie and Caroline seemed to have made a quick early getaway, but were caught near Cake Wood.

Andy, Geoff, Caroline, Jackie and Claudia near Cake Wood
(but who took the photo??) 

Harey 8 2019:
Entries are now open for our own race on-line: follow the link on the ‘Harey 8’ menu above. We are also offering a printable entry form for on-the-day entries to the Harey 8.
Follow the same link above to find entries via the RunWestBerks website and RunBritainwebsite to all 4 of the Run West Berks series of races.

Coming Events:
Our ‘What’s On / Events’ section of the web-site has been updated – check it out on the drop-down menu above.

Recent Results

Sunday 1st September – Newbury Sprint Triathlon
3 Hares featured in this local event held at Northcroft Leisure Centre. That pool seems to get longer each year!
Geoff was 145th out of 360, 5th in the Senior Vet category.
Kevin was 179th, 56th in the Veteran category.
Rob was 352nd, 72nd in the Super Vet category. 

Sunday 1st September – Cotswold Trail Half-marathon
Mandy entered this first-time event and finished 9th in her category in 2hours 6minutes 44seconds (chip time). Whoosh!

Mandy after her half-marathon: fresh as a daisy!

Sunday 25th August – Headington 5 Mile Road Race
Caroline was 6th Female Over 55 in 41.58, while Brian clocked 39.04. The event was run in sweltering 29 degree heat!

Wednesday 12th June – Cirencester Park ‘Summer Sizzler 10k’
Simon ran 48.58 mid-week, and distributed Harey 8 leaflets: thanks, Simon!

Simon at Cirencester

Sunday 9th June – Lacock 10k
Caroline Bamford was 3rd lady O-50 in this event in 51.12. Well done! Brian recorded the same time. They dead-heated in 129th place!

Brian and Caroline looking cool in the Lacock 10k

Sunday 2nd June – ‘Ollie Johnson’ Kintbury 5 mile run
Mandy and Moshe flew the flag for the Hares in this long-established local race, second in the Run West Berks Series.

Mandy and Moshe with Logan before the race

Mandy finished in 83rd position, 4th lady 40+, in 40.01: Moshe was a few seconds behind in 85th place in 40.19, having pushed son Logan round the undulating course!

Moshe and Logan going great guns at 1 mile                     Mandy looking strong at 4 miles: 1 mile to go!

Sunday 12th May – Ramsbury 5 Miles
Caroline Bamford was 1st Female Over 50: Great Run!

Saturday 11th May: Chieveley Chase
Five Hares tackled the deceptively testing Chieveley Chase on a coolish morning. Results as follows:
Caroline Bamford: 85th in 50.14 (after having run the Mountbatten School Park Run earlier that day!)
Matt Brown: 69th in 48.25
Mandy: 50th in 45.36 (and 3rd Female Vet!)
Moshe: 34th in 43.28 (6 minutes faster than his time last year!)
Geoff: 25th in 42.14 (1st over 60 Male Vet)

Thursday 25th April: Hares Monthly Timed 5k
The second Timed Run was organised by Thomas last night. Now in the lighter evenings, it meant that the course was more easily navigated.

The Hares Timed 5k runners


1Dave Wright21.31.11CR
2Mandy Waldron24.15.91 
3Andrew Cookson24.44.48 
4Jackie Gibbard27.13.45PB
5Caroline Bowyer27.55.54PB
6Brian Billington27.55.83 

The next Hares Timed 5k will take place on Thursday 23rd May.

Good Friday 19th April:
Brian was in action at Westonbirt. He recorded 48.33 for the 10k course: perhaps this could be a fixture for a Hares outing next year.

And Hilary ran the Maidenhead Easter 10 miler, finishing in 1h 34.31: well done!!

Sunday 14th April: 10 mile Chedworth Roman Trail
4 Hares tackled this tough multi-terrain race on a chilly morning. Mandy, Cat, Caroline and Geoff were challenged by a couple of steep hills, and a river to cross! They were rewarded with tasty cakes afterwards!

Mandy, Geoff, Caroline and Cat after their run at Chedworth

Sunday 7th April: Combe Gibbet to Overton 16 mile trail run
Sorry I forgot to record Moshe’s result in tackling this classic iconic local event recently. He finished in 110th place in a time of 2h 25m 55sec: well done! Good to see Polly Wood still racing, coming in in 2h 30m 54sec.

Sunday 31st March: Cholsey Treehouse 10k
3 Hares competed in the Treehouse 10k. (Presumably it was quite cramped in there, and thank goodness no-one fell out!) Brian clocked 49.27, Caroline Bamford 49.53, Esther 52.27

Thursday 28th March: What a debut! The Hares ‘Thursday 5k’ run organised by Thomas attracted 11 runners. The out and back course along the Froxfield Road yielded some great times:

1Moshe Blumberg22:14:13 
2Cameron Millar22:49:40 (Guest)
3Simon Hodkin23:38:14 
4Kevin Gregory26:23:54 
5Esther Good27:05:19 
6Graig Beamson27:05:19 
7Claudia Von Hurter27:05:19 
8Catriona Patricia27:14:57 
9Jackie Gibbard27:14:57 
10Caroline Bowyer28:12:19 
11Michelle Potts33:37:31 

Well done all, and many thanks to Thomas for organising the first of these monthly events.

Sunday 17th March
Six Hares ran the Reading Half-Marathon and acquitted themselves really well. Their ‘chip’ times were:
Maurice – 1.33.59
Craig – 1.43.32
Mike M – 1.48.24
Matt – 1.53.08
Caroline Bamford – 1.55.07
Kerri – Just under 2 hours for the first time!
Robin – 2.29.42

Well done to all of them!!

Sunday 3rd March
Moshe and Andy ran the ‘Imber Ultra’ event over 33 miles in Westbury – both running for over 6 hours!! Andy finished 52nd, Moshe 71st out of 114 competitors: massive congratulations.

Sunday 10th February
Caroline Bamford ran away with the O55 Female prize at the Calne ‘SMarTT Smasher’ 10k: great result! 

Park Runs

Saturday 7th September
Four Hares Park ran this weekend:
At Newbury Mandy ran close to her best in 23.19; at Marlborough Thomas ran (without his daughter I think) 24.41; and at Wycombe Rye Brian ran 23.26 while Caroline ran 23.51. Good times, guys!!

Saturday 31st August
Five Hares were again in evidence in Park Runs this weekend.
Bob D’Mellow ran 33.51 in Whitstable, Andy Davy ran 21.35 in Bath (not THE Bath!), Thomas ran 34.54 with his daughter in Newbury, and Brian and Caroline ran 25.11 and 25.12 respectively at Somerdale Pavilion (where’s that?). Well done all.

Saturday 24th August
Five Hares legged it round today!
Jackie ran 28 mins at Newbury; Bob D’Mellow ran 34.54 in Whitstable; Thomas ran 24.41 at Marlborough Common; Brian ran 23.36 and Caroline ran 23.51 at Tetbury. WELL DONE ALL!

Saturday 10th August
Haring around all over the place today! 8 Hares were in action:
In Newbury Jackie ran 28.22 and Caroline Bowyer ran 28.37;
In Marlborough Andy ran a PB of 20.58, Brian ran a PB of 23.44, and Thomas ran 33.17 (with his daughter!);
In Teignmouth Angela Sewell ran 43.22;
In Tilgate (where?) Caroline Bamford ran 24.05;
In Westport Mandy ran 23.35. WELL DONE ALL!

Saturday 27th July
I think only 3 Hares were running this week, but it was QUALITY all the way as ever……
Andy ran a quick 20.27 at Bristol Skyline, Brian and Caroline both ran at Jersey Farm (where they grow new potatoes?? Or woolly jumpers??), Caroline reached her 250th Park Run: HOORAY!! and ran 25.25; Brian ran 25.22.

Saturday 20th July
Six Hares ran this weekend: Caroline Bowyer clocked 27.17 at Bushy Park, Brian clocked 24.49 at Newbury, Andy clocked 22.06, Mandy 24.33, Jackie 30.04, and Thomas 32.46 at Marlborough. Well done all!

Saturday 13th July (sorry, bin away, so rather behind with results! Apologies for missing a couple of weeks)
4 Hares went a-Park Running last weekend – at Newbury Caroline ran 27.14 and Jackie ran 28.36. At Marlborough Jinathan ran 22.24. At Wotton Brian ran 23.56. At Penrose Caroline ran 25.04.

Saturday 22nd June
Six Hares went Park Running today –
Newbury saw Caroline Bamford (26.22) and Shilpa Shetty in her first go at this event (32.11).
Marlborough saw Thomas (26.01), Brian (26.55), Caroline Bowyer (28.27) and Jackie (28.30).

Saturday 15th June
Three Hares ran the Newbury Park Run today: Mandy (24.23), Jackie (27.09) and Caroline (27.11).

Saturday 8th June
Four Hares ran Park Runs today:
Jonathan (22.49) and Thomas ran 29.39 with his daughter at Marlborough.
Brian (26.00) and Caroline (26.13) ran at California County (some where near Bracknell, I think).

Saturday 1st June
9 Hares went Park Running this weekend:
At Newbury Jackie ran 27.46, Caroline Bamford ran 24.57, Mandy ran 23.24, Wilf ran 23.10 and Geoff ran 21.06.
At Marlborough Thomas ran 32.43 and Robin ran 52.08.
At Medina (IOW) Brian ran 24.00.
At Didcot Craig ran 26.24.

Saturday 11th May
6 Hares legged it round a Park Run today:
Jackie Gibbard ran 26.30 at Greenham Common; Caroline Bowyer (28.39), Thomas Riivers (30.47), and Rob Gregory (40.19) were at Marlborough; Brian (24.56) and Caroline Bamford (25.23) were at Mountbatten School.

Saturday 4th May
5 Hares were gambolling in the fields today.
Jackie (26.38) & Caroline Bowyer (27.08) were at Newbury; Brian (24.18) was at Westmill; Craig (28.53) was at Didcot; and Geoff ran backwards at Marlborough in 22.41.

Saturday 27th April
3 Hares were in action today:
Mandy at Marlborough (24.31), Jackie Gibbard at Newbury (27.24) and Brian at Cheltenham (24.19). It was very windy, I’m told!

Saturday 20th April
6 Hares were out and about today.
Brian (OK, 2 races in 2 days!!) ran at Marlborough Common (25.19), Laura Buchanan (22.24 – great time!), Caroline Bamford (24.23), Jackie (27.07) and Caroline Bowyer (27.22) ran at Newbury, and Cat was in Pwllheli: why not? (29.44). Well done to all!
Oh! and Brian just sent me the results of the park run at Woolacombe: Mandy (28.56), and first female was none other than Mara Yamauchi, who’s coming to see us soon: time – 21.33!

Saturday 13th April
9 Hares tackled Park Runs today.
Bob D’Mellow ran at Whitstable, Andy Davey ran 19.36 at Cheltenham, Claudia (25.37), Brian (26.50), Caroline (26.51), Mandy (26.54), Esther (26.55), Jackie (28.35) and Caroline Bowyer (29.25) ran at Marlborough. Well done all!

Saturday 6th April
6 Hares ran parks today.
Newbury saw Caroline Bamford (24.36), Jackie (26.36) & Caroline Bowyer (26.53) in action.
Marlborough saw Geoff (22.02 – PB for this course!), Wilf (23.37), Mandy (23.40 – PB for this course!)  Robin (41.20) in action.

Saturday 30th March
5 Hares were in action  today.
Mandy (23.58), Caroline Bamford (25.14) and Jackie (26.56) were at Newbury.
Brian (26.04) was at Medina, Isle of Wight.

Saturday 23rd March 

The Hares create a presence at Marlborough Park Run

Simon wrote the report this week, and made special mention of  …….some of the young children from Hungerford Primary School running today, must be all that quality training at the weekly after-school club……….!!
Well done to them!

Saturday 16th March
Four Hares were out and about locally.
In Newbury Caroline Bamford ran 30.54.
In Marlborough all three Hares notched up PBs for this course:
Craig was 29th in 23.59, Brian was 31st in 24.06, Mandy was 4th lady, 38th in 24.27: WHOOOSH!

Saturday 9th March
Six Hares powered their way round various courses:
In Marlborough Mandy ran 25.17, just pipped by Wilf in 25.15, (and a certain “Richard Parry” ran 21.03!!
Well done everyone!

Saturday 2nd March
Eight Mad March Hares were out this weekend:
Newbury: Laura B – 23.08 (just 4 seconds off her PB!), Victoria – 26.28;
Witney: Caroline Bamford – 48th position;
Marlborough: Robin – 31.25 (PB for this course!), Caroline Bowyer – 29.17, Mandy – 25.11 (2nd lady!), Brian – 24.52, Geoff – 22.18 (PB for this course!)

Saturday 23rd February
Five Hares were out at Newbury:
Victoria: 26 min 33 sec, Caroline: 24 min 43 sec, Mandy: 23 min 51 sec, Laura: 23 min 22 sec, Geoff: 20 min 49 sec.
Two were at Marlborough:
Claudia: 26 min 37 sec, Moshe: 22 min 52 sec (PB – WHOOSH!).
One Hare was at Didcot: Craig: 22 min 43 sec.
And most exotic of the week – Brian in Cieszyn!! 24 min 32 sec (Ask Brian where that is!)

Saturday 16th February
Several Hares were out this weekend:
Laura, Mandy, Victoria and Brian were at Greenham; Matt Brown was at Marlborough, and Caroline was at East Brighton – Well done to all!

Saturday 9th February
Five Hares were Park Running this weekend:
Laura Buchanan posted an impressive 23min 39secs at Andover – well done!
Caroline B was in action at Greenham Common; Esther, Brian and Caroline Bowyer tamed Marlborough Common.

Saturday 2nd February
Robin was again out on Marlborough Common to record a PB: great!
And Michael and Michelle again made their mark at Greenham, turning out with nearly 700 other Park Runners: well done!
And Brian was miles away at the Chelmsford Park Run, where he was 103rd out of 654. Where to next??

Saturday 26th January
Robin Gregory was in action at Marlborough Common, and recorded a PB for that course: well done!
Michael Ellis and Michelle Potts ran at Greenham (Newbury).
If there were any other Hares in action at other venues around the world, apologies for missing you out!

Saturday 19th January
For the record, Laura Buchanan recorded a PB at Greenham (Newbury) of 23.04! Woooh. And Wilf Waldon set a PB of 22.31 at Marlborough Common. Well done both of you….
Ellen Harris was a ‘First Timer’ at Marlborough: the first of many, hopefully.

Saturday 12th January
Oh what a Fiesta for Esther!!
Marlborough sees a great 50th Park Run appearance for Esther

Esther proudly celebrating with Hares and a balloon! She was ably supported by a record Hares Park Run turnout of Hares……

Sixteen Hares at Marlborough Park Run on 12th January 2019: note Jackie and Caroline in their helpers gear.
There were first time runs for Mel, Cat and Moshe. There were also PBs here for Mandy, Simon, Brian and Wilf. We celebrated afterwards with a welcome drink and snack at the local golf club.

Roundway Revenge 17th Nov 2018

Geoff Anderson – 1.06.20

Brian Billington – 1.12.34

Craig Beamson – 1.12.35

Claudia Von Hurter – 1.17.20

Kevin Gregory – 1.17.20

Richard Perry – 1.18.05

Esther Good – 1.18.07

Caroline Bamford 1.22.10

London Marathon Draw 2019

And the winner is …. Andy

Hares Halloween Town Run

Great South Run 10 Mile 2018 – 21st Oct Caroline Bamford – 1 Hour 24 Mins 31 Secs

Oxford Half Marathon 2018 – 7th Oct Kerri – 2hr 7min & 33 secs  Jackie – 2hr 8min & 12 secs   Well done , wearing the team tops with pride!

Harey8 Results 

Well done to all the runners that took part in the Harey8 today in that heat 

2018 Results can be found Here

Mike Robbins Pictures can be found Here

Tony Bartlett Pictures can be found Here