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Beginners Blog from a member of the Class of 2022

After attempting Couch to 5K on a couple of occasions and only getting to week two, I decided I needed motivation to get me running frequently. I found it too easy to make excuses to not run.

The Hungerford Hares beginners course gave me this. I was slightly nervous before going to the first session, but the Run Leader put us all at ease from the very start. Running with likeminded people of all ages and fitness levels. Everyone was welcoming and I really looked forward to our weekly run. In between sessions, a few of us would run together, repeating the run from the previous Tuesday.

The instructors are very understanding and don’t mind if you are slow. They keep encouraging you during the run.

I would highly recommend this course as a way into (or back into) running. I still run regularly with the Hungerford Hares and really enjoy the company and social events!

Running for charity with my dog during October 2022 to raise money for dementia.

Beginners – Hungerford Hares Running Club

Run Leaders – Hungerford Hares Running Club